See what previous clients are saying about what we have created together and how it’s impacted their business:

Rochelle is incredibly insightful and has a beautiful way of digging deep and going high level simultaneously to help me solve. Thank you for helping me find my version of ease.

Rochelle is a master of asking the right question.  She has the precious ability to listen to a non-linear stream of thoughts and tease out significant themes we didn't weren't aware of.  Her genuine care and investment in others is evident from her steadfast commitment and accountability.


Rochelle encouraged me to have gutsy conversations and I was able to make bold requests in my professional life (dream job!) and elevate my closest relationships including my partner and my father.  I have found clarity in how I was showing up for people in my life and the power to connect deeply in relationships.  My vision and goals are now authentic and meaningful as Rochelle has helped me to distill what is truly ME, and I can now articulate my vision and goals from my truest (and unapologetic) self.  As a result, I have found greater cadence in being able to confidently pass up things that do not serve my higher purpose and have learned how to make bold requests for big leaps that I know will take me closer to serving others in the best way I can.

Rochelle asks the tough questions and does not stand for anything less than me being fully in. She is an unwavering stand for me living a powerful life in every way - my work, my relationships, my health, my life.