A wife, mom to two rambunctious rescued dogs, obsessed cyclist, not-so-bendy yogi, adventure traveler and passionate Leadership Development practitioner, I am at my best when partnering with leaders to create healthy organizations and get results that matter.

My life was rocked when, in 2005, I heard the words “You’ve got cancer.” Being confronted with my own mortality, I got that life is precious and much too short to be spent merely ‘surviving’, which I had witnessed in many workplaces. My personal experience further fuelled my mission to see people and organizations thrive; working every day to support my clients in creating environments where their people are inspired, connected to each other in meaningful ways, and use their strengths to contribute to something bigger than themselves, leaving at the end of the day taking their best selves to their families, friends and communities.

I am all about infusing intentionality and purpose into both culture and leadership by bringing my clients’ values, mission and vision to life, knowing their impact on and contribution to organizational performance. Nearly two decades of experience make me the go-to coach to elevate organizations through my expertise in organizational culture, leadership development program design and delivery, team coaching and development, individual coaching and facilitation.

I’ve created meaningful impact and change through companies: as fast-growing as lululemon athletica, creating their leadership philosophy which would become the foundation for how to lead in a rapid growth global company; as innovative as Hootsuite Media, in developing purposeful leaders to confidently lead in their hyper-growth environment; and evolving brands like Business Objects, in consciously identifying a new desired culture and shared core values following the acquisition of their biggest competitor.

my Credentials


lululemon athletica, Hootsuite Media, BlankSlate Partners, Latergramme, Deloitte, Accenture, Intrawest, Crystal Decisions, Business Objects, Quality Move Management, Ivanhoe Cambridge, The Star Group, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and PHSA (Children and Women’s Health Centre, BC Cancer Agency, BC Centre for Disease Control).