The Secret to Building a Vibrant (Start-up) Culture

This is a great article from Jillian Evin at growing food delivery company Foodee. "If culture is about inviting engagement and facilitating a sense of ownership and belonging which inspires people to contribute, then the moment we try to pin it down and start saying things like 'it's really important that you're a culture fit', we've already shot ourselves in the foot."  If your leadership drives your culture, which drives your brand, then the best thing you as the leader can do is set clear expectations on what is and is not accepted in your organization - your core values can be great guardrails - which creates an environment where people feel safe bringing their talents and whole selves to work.  Then you bring your talents and whole self to work.  The most impactful leaders in my career not only mentored and coached me in business and leadership, but also inspired me with their love of singing, their talent for kayak making and their obsession with Halloween. Do this, and you'll get your people bringing their quirks, loves, talents and passion to work - that will create an inspiring culture.

Enjoy Jillian's article.